UNPLANNED CONNECTION - Exhibitioners of Jana and Milan Jelinek Foundation 1990 - 1998

AVU STUDIOS - Painting School of Professor Zdenek Beran. Ales South Bohemian Gallery, Prague 2001

HYPERREALISMUS, Gallery of Modern Art Hradec Kralove / West Bohemia Gallery, Pilsen 2002

DEFENESTRATION, New Town Hall, Prague 2008

FREE CURRENT - a Meeting for Members of the Mánes Association of Fine Artists to Mark the 125th Anniversary of its Founding, Litomerice 2012

TERNARY - a Symbolical Meeting of Artists and Art Theorists in Diamant Gallery and Kooperativa Exhibition Hall, Prague 2013

S.V.U. MÁNES - Holesov castle 2014, Prague 2014

THE LIGHT WITHIN A PICTURE – Czech Impressionism, Inspiration from near and far. Prague 2017

S.V.U. MÁNES - 130. ANNIVERSARY, Prague 2017